About Us

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 Will India Change Foundation (WICF) is a non-governmental organization and is an association of persons with a common goal of making India, the World’s greatest nation. It is a social movement; it is a special cause to unite the whole India so that we all strive towards the common goal. i.e. to make India, the world’s greatest country in every aspect of life. 

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 It is a step towards taking out all negativities that penetrated deep inside the Indian psychology. 

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  It is a reality check to understand where we stand in comparison to the rest of the world in every sphere so that we can channelize our present & future actions in the right direction to make this country the best place to live in.  

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 Its aim is to identify the skill development needs of the various Sectors, review international trends in different Sectors skill development and identify Sectors skill gaps and technology. 

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 Its objective is to become the voice of the downtrodden & all weaker sections of the society who are craving justice for long. 

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 To provide the platform to address all the issues and challenges that our previous governments failed to address due to their vested interests, poor leadership, and shortsightedness. 

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 It is the call to all the Nation Lovers to come and join us in our mission to establish such a system in our country so that every single one of us will say & pray, “If there is any Heaven on this earth, it is only in our Motherland and it is our beloved India.” 

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 Will India Change? Foundation is a compulsory question to the whole nation. It is a question that every Indian should ask to himself that, “What is his contribution towards this mother nation and what changes he can bring in himself to make the lives of others beautiful and prosperous.” 

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 It is a dream to see India as the Jagat-Guru (Spiritual Leader) as well as the Economic Super power and to make India achieve its glorious past. 

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 It will honor the remarkable persons who have contributed or are contributing towards the development of the Nation. 

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 It would do research work on the various field be it science, medicine, law, political system, a social system to bring out good changes in the society. 

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 The Society may publish journals or books to educate masses or may finance some production houses to make realistic movies that shows the current position of the society/country and to educate people about various aspects of lives or to have some positive impact on the psyche of the people. 

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 The organization may organize or fund programs that promote social welfare be it Blood Donation, helping Orphans, women or Widows or Old people or any down the trodden or outcast section of the society. 

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 The organization may sponsor free education to talented and deserving or weaker section of the society in future. 

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 Apart from the above-mentioned objectives, the organization will conduct activities that will lead to the Promotion of science, literature or the fine arts; instruction and diffusion of useful knowledge, diffusion of political education, etc. 

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 The Society may conduct activities to promote brotherhood, patriotism and may donate or spend money for humanity in case of any natural calamity or disaster. 

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 At last, it is a never ending struggle which will continue till complete harmony takes over all the negativities.